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  1. Role:

    Under general supervision, performs moderately complex quality control inspection activities on assigned project and or functional areas to ensure that products or services provided are in accordance with customer and Parsons requirements.


    • Performs inspections/surveillances based on training received.
    • Interacts cross-functionally with project team members and management.
    • Implements inspection, examination, and testing procedures and records inspection, examination, and testing data.
    • Plans inspections, evaluations, and tests; setting up tests, including preparation and set-up of related equipment
    • Evaluates the validity and acceptability of inspection, examination and testing results and reports inspection, examination and testing results.
    • Evaluates the adequacy of specific programs used to train and test inspection, examination, and testing personnel.
    • Performs and documents inspections of subcontractor work.
    • Oversees subcontractor inspections and review of subcontractor work. Reviews and audits subcontractor generated quality records.
    • Performs First-Article / In-Process Inspection as needed (may include source inspection).
    • Ensures compliance to HSE requirements applicable for their work scope.
    • May participate in establishing and implementing a Quality Controls Inspectors certification program.
    • May participate in qualifying and certifying QC Inspectors at all levels.
    • Documents and communicates inspection results in a clear and concise manner.
    • Understands contract requirements and subcontractor(s) contract requirements.
    • Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2021-09-20
    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Job Role: Engineering
    Company Industry: General Engineering Consultancy

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Mid Career
  2. About the role

    You are responsible to contribute to positioning the IKEA store as the “Leader in life at home” in our market in order to maximize sales and long-term profitability; securing the effective implementation of global solutions using knowledge of people’s life at home and consumer buying behaviour in the market and my graphic and digital communication design skills to adapt these to meet our regional needs.


    The main responsibilities are:

    - To ensure we communicate and visualize the uniqueness of the IKEA Brand, inside and outside the IKEA store to strengthen the IKEA brand and distance us from the competition by: communicating the IKEA Concept, our Swedish roots and unique services enabling the IKEA mechanical sales system, which is a prerequisite to fulfill the IKEA Business idea/promise of the store and for customers to buy supporting sales steering to commercial priorities.

    - Develop and implementing efficient and effective store communication, supporting self-choice and the mechanical sales system.

    - Create, produce and implement all store communication of the assigned project during the commercial planning and commercial buildup of a new store, as well as in any other projects.

    - Reflecting the IKEA brand identity and creating visual impact in all commercial, sales support and co-worker areas.


    Key Specific Accountabilities:

    Graphic Design

    • Create inspired and qualitative graphic design that showcases the IKEA visual and verbal identity for different channels 
    • Use expertise in integrating graphic design solutions in commercial contexts, in order to add value and help create a visually stimulating and convenient experience for consumers
    • Create market specific communication solutions for all channels (including e.g. social media posts, promotion material, POS material etc.) supporting Business Calendar or based on a brief from local functions such as Communications, Marketing, Sales or Sustainability 
    • Secure communication needs are met in the customer experience by providing relevant content, in appealing and easy to understand formats 
    • Secure and plan for an efficient production and implementation of graphic design solutions 
    • Actively cooperate with all key stakeholders within commercial and beyond to secure integration, common focus and to maximize impact for example Digital, web team and marketing team. 
    • Contribute to the integrated multichannel executions order to contribute to the business goals 
    • Measure performance of output in own areas to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and to ensure performance excellence throughout the year 
    • Be an active player in driving an open and sharing climate, be a role model of the IKEA values and contribute to the transformation of IKEA 
    • To working closely with the Com&In regional activity leader, regional marketing department colleagues and other SO colleagues to ensure the country business calendar messages are communicated in a clear, consistent and inspiring way, supporting commercial priorities and reflecting seasonality. 

    Store Support (New Stores)

    • Work with the store graphic communications leaders to develop and implement store communication to meet and exceed visitor's expectations on the IKEA shopping and buying experience, strengthen the uniqueness of the IKEA product range, graphic identity and tone of voice.
    • Ensure that graphic and digital communication:

          -   Is prioritized and placed correctly

          -   Consistent and understandable

          -   Clear and uncluttered

          -   Supports self/choice and the mechanical sales system.

    • To use graphic and digital communication skills and this knowledge to provide relevant graphic communication to secure one IKEA identity. 
    • Work with the SO Com&In colleagues and other SO functions to provide the store graphic and digital communication leaders with specific, relevant support which enables the stores and other IKEA units 
    • Working with the expansion visual merchandise specialists, expansion interior design specialists to ensure consistency in how we communicate throughout our new stores and other projects.
    • Supporting the new stores to ensure the implementation of store communication using the layout to create optimal visual impact, a good overview and support our commercial priorities. 
    • Working with the Regional SO Com&In colleagues to ensure that all we communicate to the stores is consistent, understandable and cost-effective for them to implement. 



    • Support and coach the store graphic communication designers of new stores to secure that our graphic communication is prioritized, placed correctly, consistent and understandable, clear and uncluttered with the customer in focus. 



    • Support with the regional expansion plans whenever necessary including translations, commercial planning, build up and opening phases.
    • Supporting with current ways of working and business practices.

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2021-09-20
    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Job Role: Design, Creative, and Arts
    Company Industry: Accounting

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Mid Career
  3. Responsibilities:

    • Participates in Division, Company, and Corporate strategic planning activities for specific projects (e.g., risk assessment, bid/no bid analysis, participation in business plan development, etc.).
    • Provides technical guidance to assigned personnel, and ensures proficiency and timeliness of contract administration. 
    • Makes staffing assignments and reassignments as Company and project needs arise. 
    • Recruits, interviews, and evaluates prospective employees. 
    • Hires, offers personnel development, conducts performance evaluations, counsels, takes corrective action as required, and approves terminations. 
    • Ensures that new employees receive orientation in company policies and procedures.
    • Collaborates with Division and project management to ensure proper support in proposal preparation, as well as contract negotiations and administration.
    • Reviews requests for proposals to identify risks and contractual terms not conforming to Company policy.
    • Negotiates the more difficult, complex, or sensitive issues with clients.
    • May represent the Company at government procurement regulatory and policymaking committee hearings and at industry association committees dealing with Federal Procurement Policy initiatives that will have an impact on the industry.
    • Maintains an active participation in related professional societies to keep abreast of relevant contractual issues.
    • Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2021-09-20
    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Job Role: Engineering
    Company Industry: General Engineering Consultancy

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Mid Career


    The Aesthetician provides skin care services, advice and treatments to patients to improve and enhance the quality and appearance of the skin. 



    • Identify and determine patient skin care needs
    • Perform micropigmentation, facials, hair removal, exfoliation, chemical peels, make up application, color analysis, microdermabrasion and other cosmetic services under the supervision of a licensed doctor
    • Inform and train patients on the treatment and care of their skin
    • Educate patients on how to care for their skin before and after surgery
    • Maintain patient record of physical findings confidentially and accurately
    • Maintains inventory and order skin care products when required
    • Keep up to date on new skin care products and treatments
    • Build and maintain positive working relationships with patients

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2021-09-20
    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Job Role: Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
    Company Industry: Accounting

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Mid Career
  5. Responsibilities:

    • Review all design information/Drawings during Pre Contracts/Design Stage
    • Prepares material takeoffs/BOQ as per approved standards on assigned contract, project, or program from engineering drawings, plans, and specifications
    • Reviews takeoffs prepared by others to check for completeness, appropriate definition, and accuracy
    • Prepares detailed breakdown structures (WBS) for contracts, projects, or elements of a program sufficient to define the scope to be delivered
    • Defines the specific scope intended by the contract documents, project development requirements and/or the program element components, systems and subsystems
    • Prepares and summarizes the bases of estimate (BOE) development, including estimate scope, estimate method of development, pricing utilized, labor, material and equipment rates included in the estimate, assumptions and exclusions, escalation, parametric comparisons using previous estimate data from similar projects, estimate quality control (QC) review and results, and estimate conclusion and recommendation
    • Delivers a complete and comprehensive estimate of probable cost based on the proposed contract documents inclusive of contract terms and conditions
    • Defines, details and estimates the cost of contract general conditions and job cost in compliance with the planned execution to accomplish total contract delivery
    • Utilizes parametric historical estimate data to develop a reasonable estimate of probable cost, based on high level of scope definition and preliminary intent for a capital asset in relation to an order of magnitude (PM) development
    • Utilizes the “bottoms up” approach in the development of probable contract cost, and compares that cost with data from previous contracts similar in nature when the estimate task required detail development
    • Develops scope sheets and request for bid or quotation from potential service providers, inclusive of internet, telephone and/or written provided data
    • Assists the Estimating Leads for historical data and estimate database management with the accumulation, evaluation, and documentation of cost data retrieved from completed discrete design and/or construction contracts, inclusive of work activity, delivery means and methods, productivity, activity durations, supervision and craft man-hour utilization
    • Reviews contract documents to access contract risk and significant exposure to estimated cost if potential risks are experienced. Assigns reasonable maximum cost and schedule exposure resulting from potential risks
    • Collaborates with small estimate teams comprised of other Estimators/QS and Associate Estimators/Jr. QS with the outcome being a final deliverable that meets Customer and Client requirements and expectations.

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2021-09-20
    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Job Role: Engineering
    Company Industry: General Engineering Consultancy

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Mid Career